The Spirit of Rejection: Is your rejection a demon?

The spirit of rejection is an actual demon spirit that either causes or aggravates a pre-existing sense of rejection in a person. This sense of rejection is similar to, but not exactly the same as, a natural sense of rejection. When taken to an extreme, demonic rejection can be devastating and even dangerous.

What is the difference in natural and demonic rejection?

Let’s distinguish the two by first looking at natural rejection. I’ll begin by mentioning the source of my observations.

I’m not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist. I’m a Christian deliverance minister with considerable experience helping people get rid of feelings of rejection and actual demons of rejection through biblically-based wisdom and supernatural ministry in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

I cast out demons of rejection by the power of Jesus Christ, Who is Lord of all and risen from the dead.

A Quick Look At Natural Rejection

Natural rejection is the negative psychological feeling we get when we feel someone disapproves of us. This feeling may be slight or extremely hurtful. It may even be debilitating.

The pain and damaged caused by rejection may feel as only a prick of a thorn, soon to be forgotten. Or it may have the devastating effect of a dagger to our soul that cripples us for life.

I believe the crippling effects of rejection can and do occur without the activity of demons. Nonetheless, people who are crippled, and perhaps tormented, by rejection are “probably” victimized by demons of rejection.

A Quick Look At Supernatural Rejection–the Demon of Rejection

When I speak of a spirit or demon of rejection, I am being literal.

There is a such thing as a demon of rejection. The Bible speaks of demons of infirmity (Luke 13:10-16), demons of muteness (Matthew 9:32-34), demons of error (1 John 4:6), and many, many others.

This is not the article to explore the vastness of the topic of demons and what the Bible says about them. Instead, we’ll focus on the spirit of rejection.

This particular spirit specializes in causing or aggravating feelings of rejection. If it causes it, it may orchestrate rejection situations that hurt the person to such a degree that a fracture occurs in the soul. He then rushes in and lives in the person, manipulating from a place of darkness and overwhelming strength.

When a demon of rejection only aggravates rejection, he finds a person who is already damaged by it. If the damage is sufficient enough to provide an opening, he rushes into it and operates from a position of darkness and overwhelming strength.

So whether a demon causes the initial rejection, or simply opportunistically takes advantage of a pre-existing rejection issue, the result is the same. The demon is supernaturally energizing thoughts and feelings of rejection from within the person.

Christians and non-Christians are subject to attack from demon spirits. For more information concerning this topic, read my article: If You Don’t Believe Christians Can Have Demons.

The Reason I Wrote A Novel About the Spirit of Rejection

In my ministry, I have found that some demons are exceedingly prevalent in our society. One of these is the spirit of rejection.

Jesus once looked out among the needy multitudes and said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Pray therefore that the Lord of the harvest will send forth laborers into His harvest” (Matthew 9:37-38).

The numbers of people needing deliverance from demon spirits are so high, it’s mind-boggling. There just aren’t enough workers available to meet the need.

For this reason, I’ve used both fiction and non-fiction formats to instruct people how to help others and how to be helped.

Below I’ve included the first chapter of my spiritual warfare novel, The Spirit of Rejection. I hope it leads you to read the book so you’ll become more acquainted with how this spirit operates. Hopefully, this will help you get delivered.

If you read the Amazon reviews, you will quickly notice a trend that most readers of my spiritual warfare thrillers consider them thrilling. So you’ll be ministered to in an entertaining way.

This particular story is about a woman who is attacked by a demon of rejection even while she is in her mother’s womb. He then attacks her throughout her life. You’ll go with her on her journey as she struggles to find deliverance.

You can read the full book description here on Amazon.

I encourage you to both read the chapter and the book. If you’re on Kindle Unlimited, you can read it free. If not, the ebook version is really inexpensive.

(Sign up for a free Kindle Unlimited membership here if you don’t already have it.)

Blessings to you!

The demon gazed hungrily at the pregnant woman’s belly.

The mood in the room among the angels was as dark as the expression on the demon’s face. He wasn’t the least bit concerned about them and their empty glares, or of their swords and daggers. One of the three angels even had a spiked ball of metal hanging from a chain gripped by his large hand.

And just what are you going to do with that? he thought. The demon cast the three angels a look that could’ve been spit. Actual spit would’ve been better. But why waste good spit? They had the weapons, but he had the power. Everyone here knew this. Well, make that everyone, but the new angel. He’d learn soon enough who had the power.

And that’s what this warfare was all about.


And people.

Hurting people. Hurting as many of them as possible before that great day of God’s judgment. And despite the three armed impotents staring at him with murder in their eyes, he was going to do some hurting today. His yellow eyes met the gaze of the angel whom he assumed by his scars to be the leader of this little trio. He turned up his lip and traced the long scar on the angel’s cheek with critical eyes. He could tell that Scarface was proud of his slash.

Ridiculous. Just ridiculous, he thought. The way you angels wear your wounds like badges of honor. The thought that followed made his lip turn up more than the holy fools deserved. But then why shouldn’t you display your wounds suffered for the sons and daughters of Adam like trophies? The Son of God Himself walks around with a hole in His side and those wretched holes in His hands. It’s all so perverted. Making a big ado over suffering. He ended his thought with a dismissive, Whatever.

The demon’s eyes left the angel’s hideous scar and joined the angel’s stare with a disregard that caused the newest of the angels to make a move forward before being held back by Scarface. The demon said nothing, but his amused expression was blowing a bugle. The new angel didn’t like this. The demon smiled as Scarface held the angel back a second time.

Enough of these angels, the demon thought. He had given them too much attention already. It was time for business. And since angels loved suffering so much, once the parents gave him approval to afflict their child, they could watch him begin the child’s suffering.

His yellow eyes again bore into the woman’s abdomen. Specifically, it was her uterus that commanded the demon’s attention. He had been stalking the child and staring at Heather’s uterus for weeks now. Ironically, he never would have known the child existed had he not been pulled to the house by the dark energy of negative words. Words spoken by the child’s parents about the baby one day as he roamed the neighborhood in search of prey.

The demon’s breaths increased until he was nearly panting. The conversation between Heather and Vincent was progressing wonderfully. Words. Words. Oh, the power of words! Come on, he coached the couple. Keep talking. Give me the baby.

“I just can’t be pregnant,” said Heather. “I can’t. This just isn’t the right time.”

“But you’re telling me you are pregnant,” said Vincent, his narrowed eyes carried suspicion.

Heather looked up at him, whipping her straight black, shoulder length hair. “What? Don’t give me that look. I didn’t get myself pregnant.”

“We talked about this, Heather.” He spoke the next words with slow emphasis, as though each word was its own sentence. “I am in medical school.”

Heather wasn’t the fiery type, but the prospect of an untimely and unwanted pregnancy, and her husband blaming her for it, lit a fire under her. She returned her husband’s offensive cadence. “And don’t I know it.”

Vincent heard the unspoken accusation. “What? So we’re back to blaming me for you not passing the bar? That’s getting real old, Heather. And anyway, what does that have to do with you getting pregnant?”

Heather’s blue eyes flared. Me getting pregnant! she heard herself scream in her mind. She crossed her arms and slammed them onto her chest. “Me getting pregnant? I got myself pregnant?”

“You want some water?” Vincent asked.


“Do you want some water? I’m going to get me a cup of water. All of this arguing has made me thirsty.”

She hesitated. “Yes, I do want some water.”

Vincent got a couple of cups and went to the refrigerator door.

Yellow eyes stared beneath Heather’s folded arms as her husband pushed each cup against the black lever. He watched the baby’s agitation like a wolf watching a wounded deer. It hadn’t happened yet. So he couldn’t move too soon upon his prey. He had to wait for the right words. The words that would kick wide open the door to this child’s life.

“Look at him—how the beast peers at the baby, Justis. Like she’s a piece of meat,” said Gabron, his concern moving him closer to the baby’s threat. “We can’t let this demon hurt the baby.” The angel’s eyes widened in alarm as he looked at the baby. “Did you see that? What this animal is doing to the baby?”

The baby’s body was tiny. Only the size of a pea. Nonetheless, the Creator had placed an eternal spirit within this tiny person. It wasn’t the pea-sized body that caused the angel’s alarm. It was the cringing of the eternal spirit within the child that gripped Gabron’s heart.

“She knows she’s in danger,” he said, surprised at this revelation.

Justis was as concerned and angry as Gabron, but his voice was controlled with understanding and experience that Gabron didn’t have. “Yes, she knows.”

“But how? How can an unborn child know such things?”

Krasa, the other of the three angels, looked at Justis. Justis nodded once. Krasa stepped closer to Gabron. “In the blessed book, it was written by Luke that when Mary visited Elizabeth, the baby in her womb leapt for joy.”

Gabron’s eyes showed his amazement. “John the Baptist.”

“Yes, John the Baptist,” said Krasa.

Gabron thought on this a moment. “If a baby in the womb can feel one emotion, he can feel another. If he can feel joy—” He looked at Krasa.

Krasa finished the thought. “If he can feel joy, he can feel sadness…and fear.”

Gabron turned his head slightly left, then right, all the while vigilantly aware of the demon. He let the revelation run its course. If children in the womb could feel emotions, it was only because they were somehow stimulated by events outside of the womb. If this was true, and it was, he thought of the effects of the pregnant mother’s environment upon the child. Hadn’t it been the presence of the baby Jesus in Mary that had caused the baby John in Elizabeth to be filled with joy?


Oddly, something about that word filled him with dread. He looked at Heather’s trembling baby. He looked at the demon. Filled? Filled? What was it about being filled that was so unnerving? The only thing that came to mind was John the Baptist being filled with the Holy Spirit even while he was in the womb. Well, that didn’t make sense. There was nothing about a baby being filled with the Holy—

That was it!

He didn’t understand it, but he didn’t have to understand it for it to be true. How many other things had he accepted as true simply because they were true and not because he understood why they were true?

“Justis, if John the Baptist could be filled with the Holy Spirit in the womb,” his words were urgent, as though any moment the demon would make his move, “then this child can be filled with an evil spirit.”

That was the moment Heather and Vincent said the words the evil spirit had been waiting to hear for a week.

“I can’t deal with this right now,” said Heather. “Vincent, I don’t want this baby.”

Vincent heard the words like fingernails scraping over the chalkboard of his heart. They were harsh, but Heather was right. Yet, he could tell from her expression that she heard the same scraping. “It sounds horrible, honey, but we have to be honest with ourselves. We can’t have this baby.”

The demon snatched two daggers from his waist and took a step toward the baby.

Gabron was on him before his first step touched the floor. The slashings were too fast to qualify even as blurs. An overhand downward blade across the neck. A backward double-handed scissor motion that began its slicing on both sides of the demon’s body.

The avenging angel stood before the evil spirit with widened arms, a short sword in both hands, waiting for the dismembered body to fall onto the floor in four pieces.

The demon looked at Gabron with a puzzled smile.

Gabron looked at him in shock and total confusion.

“What? No one told you?” said the demon. He looked at Justis. “You angels don’t talk to one another?”

Justis stepped forward and rested his hand on one of Gabron’s forearms. He gently pushed it down. Krasa pushed down the other arm.

Gabron’s eyes bore into the demon as he asked, “Justis, why is this demon still standing?”

“So you angels don’t talk to one another,” said the demon. “I really hate to be the demon who says something good about angels, but I can’t help myself.” He looked at each of them. “It’s amazing that you angels get so much done without talking to one another.”

“Ignore him,” said Justis.

The demon stepped forward. He was less than a human yard away from three armed angels, and yet confidence oozed from his evil pores. “Listen to your leader, angel. Since I am beyond your reach, it only makes sense that you should ignore me.” He smirked. “That’ll give all of you more time to not talk to one another.”

“What does this demon mean beyond our reach? How is he able to do this?” Gabron needed answers before the evil spirit made another move for the baby. A move that he knew was only a moment away.

Krasa put his hand on the new angel’s shoulder. “He’s a spirit of rejection.”

“And what does that mean? That we let him have the baby?”

“It means he’s protected,” said Krasa.

“Protected by whom?”

“Not who,” said Krasa. “What. He’s protected by rejection itself.”

Gabron couldn’t accept the hopelessness that was trying to drape him. This was only a child. She hadn’t even been born yet. “How?”

 Krasa wasn’t dispassionate, but these were just the facts. “Sometimes a rejection spirit causes rejection and then attaches to or enters his victim on the strength of that rejection. But in this case, he didn’t cause the problem. The problem caused him—as it is with many demonic problems. He has a right to be there. The rejection is his protection.”

Gabron’s eyebrows furrowed. He shook his head. “No. No. It can’t be.”

The demon sighed and bunched his lips together. How often did a demon get an opportunity like this to stick it in an angel’s face? He jutted his head out. “Yes. Yes. It can be. In fact, it is. You can’t touch me.”

“He’s in another dimension,” said Justis. “Rules of engagement. We can only touch him if he violates the conditions of his protection.”

“What are the conditions? Tell me,” Gabron pled, hoping there was still some way to stop this demon before he attacked the baby.

The demon stuck a long finger into his meaty nose and scooped out a gooey, darkened wad. He looked at the angels as he placed his thumb atop his finger apparently in preparation of flicking the wad on them.

Justis looked into the demon’s eyes with a dare. “We can engage him if he attacks, hinders, or otherwise seeks to materially impede the work of angels.” The angel’s next words carried his hope. “Or if he does anything directly or indirectly that results in an angel being touched by his actions—no matter how slight.”

The rejection spirit flicked his finger carefully away from the angels and lifted both palms toward them as he stepped backward. “I wouldn’t want to complicate our relationship.”

Gabron was incensed. “We have to wait for him to do something that we know he isn’t going to do? There must be something else.” He begged Justis with his eyes.

“There is,” said Justis.

The demon didn’t like the sound of this. His pores of confidence instantly dried as he waited for the angel’s next words.

“What is it?” asked Gabron.

“Truth,” said Justis. “The truth of God’s love and of being accepted by Him destroys rejection.”

The angel’s answer was met with an involuntary growl from the demon. He took a slow step backward. “Excuse me, angels, but Heather and Vincent have used their authority to declare the child unwanted. I have a baby to take care of.”

The demon turned and walked away.

Gabron leaped forward and swung his swords desperately through the demon. It was like slicing through a rainbow. Nothing changed except the distance between the baby and the demon got smaller with each of the demon’s steps.

“I’ll get you!” Gabron screamed. “I’ll find a way! You won’t be able to hide forever! I’ll find you!”

The spirit of rejection answered the angel’s threats without looking back. “You don’t have to find me, angel. I’m not hiding. I’ll be right here with the baby controlling her thoughts, desires, and actions. My control will grow in her until she sees everything through my eyes. Then she will never be what God wants her to be. And do you know why, angel? Because she will never know what God wants her to know.”

The demon’s last words were too much. Gabron’s right and left hand slung knives one after the other that passed through the spirit’s skull. The demon turned right before he entered Heather’s belly. “Now you have to go find those knives. If you want me, you know where to find me. But there will eventually be many of us in the wretched child. So you’ll have to call me by name. My name is Unwanted.”

The angels watched the spirit of rejection press against Heather’s belly and disappear. Gabron dropped to his knees and lowered his head in dejection. He had failed the baby. Justis and Krasa stood beside him on either side and both lowered to one knee. They placed a hand on each of his shoulders.

“This warfare is hard and cruel, Gabron. There are rules of spiritual warfare that cannot be circumvented.” Justis waited a few moments. “You understand, my brother?”

Gabron looked at the ground through watered eyes. “Rules that allow evil spirits to attack defenseless children?”

“It is a difficult thing to accept, but yes,” said Justis. “The same rules that physically endanger children work in the spiritual realm, too. A mother drinks alcohol or takes heroin while she’s pregnant, this hurts the baby. It’s not fair, but it’s real. And no matter how difficult it is for us to accept this truth, we have no power to make it untrue by denying its existence.”

No one said anything for a couple of minutes.

“What’s going to happen now?” asked Gabron. “This vile demon has the baby.”

Justis and Krasa shared looks.

Gabron heard the troubling silence and raised his head. “I’ve overlooked the obvious, haven’t I? Heather and Vincent are going to kill the baby.”

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